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How to  setup BATMAN Mesh networking on Rasbian Buster.

How to  setup BATMAN Mesh networking on Rasbian Buster.

Raspberry Pi 3 Error on IPTables

Raspberry Pi 3 Error when starting IPTables

Nextcloud Appstore Missing

A new Nextcloud bug which makes the Appstore disappear, easy fix!

Central Log Server

Setup/ How to configure Rsyslog as a central log server for all your network devices.

Backup LAMP Servers

Bash script which remotely backs up your LAMP server on a schedule routine.

Hacking linux CCTV recorder

How I hacked my cheap linux CCTV recorder.

Fedora Core 27 VLC Install error

How to install VLC on Fedora Core 27

The New Raspberry Pi 3 A +

Some specs of the new Raspberry Pi 3 A + and a comparison to the B +

How to backup your mysql database

This is a simple bash script to take a daily backup of your MySQL database and compress it on the fly.

Setup your .ssh/config file.

Using the .ssh/config file can be a life saver, makes life to much easier. A little explanation as to how it works with examples.

Recoverying deleted text files using grep

This is a nice tool to use to recover deleted text files on a Linux system using Grep.

Get emailed when your IP address changes

Get notified by email when your ISP changes your IP address, also logs historic IPs

DHCP server IP

Where on your Linux system is the issuing DHCP server IP address?

Dump1090 to Mysql

This bash script will read all the aircraft flights on dump1090 and then dump the flights to a Mysql database.

Generate a sitemap.xml for WordPress

I have written a basic script to generate a sitemap.xml for your wordpress instance with bash

SELINUX blocking site images

A fix for SELINUX blocking images appearing on your apache2 website.

Write a script with email capabilities

Write a script which has the ability to email you content or alerts

Bash script to log how often your IP changes

I have written a bash script with will log an IP address change (DHCP), This has become a issue with NBN TPG so I wanted some more visibility into the frequency. Using no-ip as the DNS server.

Speeds of SD Cards on a raspberry pi

I tested two different cards on a Raspberry Pi Zero W, and expensive card and a cheap cards. Interesting to see the IO results.

Lenovo T400 Wont power up

I worked on a Lenovo T400 which was essentially bricked, wouldn't turn on. The power light came on but that it. Solution? BIOS reset.

Automated Openssl backups to fileserver

Using OpenSSL to encrypt backups and copy them in an automated fashion to your fileserver

Start mining ethereum with a mining rig

When receiving error (pre-receive hook declined) this may be due to incorrect email address on your git profile. Here is the fix.

Start mining ethereum with a mining rig

Building a Ethereum mining rig with 6 x GTX 1060's

Getting started with Bitcoin in Australia

How to mount an NFS share in a docker container.

Getting started with Bitcoin in Australia

How to setup Nextcloud 13 in a docker container, includes a script which completes the whole process.

Getting started with Bitcoin in Australia

How to setup Docker on a Raspberry Pi 3

Getting started with Bitcoin in Australia

Getting started with Bitcoin in Australia, a quick step by step guide on how to purchase, store and invest Bitcoin and other crypto currencies.

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