Raspberry Pi – warning [2017-01-11-raspbian-jessie.zip]: 76 extra bytes at beginning or within zipfile | raspberry pi error zip unzip tar xzvf 2017-01-11-raspbian-jessie.zip

Try to unzip the new Raspberry Pi Jessie image and fell onto the following error.


When trying to unzip using the GUI, it unzipped the file and created another one with a weird extension.

The fix? Using tar from the command line.



Setup wireless on a Raspberry PI | raspberry pi wireless wifi setup access point wpa wpa_supplicant hoot

Setting up wireless on a Raspberry Pi is very easy, although while googling the topic you get a huge range of results. Here are the two steps I took to setup my wireless.

Edit interfaces config file.

Under the wlan0 section, ensure it configured to dhcp

Edit the WPA supplicant file and enter your SSID and WPA password.

Your spa_supplicant file should look like this.


Mobile Flight Control Tower | how to build a mobile flight traffic control tower using linux raspberry pi and a usb dvb-t tv tuner

Although I love the internet, I still want my tech to operate without it. Going forward with this theme I want a mobile Flight Control Tower, as I’m a plane enthusiast and admire these machines and their operations.

Using a Raspberry PI as my platform, the options are limitless. There are internet / app based options for getting flight data feeds like flight radar 24 but as you know, i want to control my tech!

First things first, how on earth are we going to accomplish this?What hardware will be use? How much will it cost? Lets start with our shopping list .

TOTAL: $80.83

This a very cheap project which is a lot of fun. 


Lets get started with the howto….

So after you have built the OS on the raspberry pi (Raspbian), ssh onto the machine and execute the following.

Now you will need to edit the following file and enter the following parameters.

and paste.

Now to install the dump1090 application which actually displays the planes on a map.

All done, lets start the application

This will start the application with networking.

Bring up your web browser and point it to http://ipofraspberry:8080/

So now our project is complete, you can see all the planes flying around! But this project is a mobile control tower which means we’ll need a way to view the planes on the go, so i thought I would use a wifi card acting a wireless Access point.

This way, if your in the car and you want to see whats flying ahead, you can just connect with your phone or laptop and take a look.


Access Point Setup

Edit the DHCP server config

Uncomment the following three lines

Scroll down to the bottom of the configuration file and enter the following.

Edit the following file



Then edit the interfaces files, have the wifi section looking like this


Lets setup the Access point, enter the following.


You will notice I connected the driver out.. As far as I know its not needed. You can locate yours if you like and put it in


Then edit and change


To this

Then edit this

From this

To this

Edit this

vim /etc/sysctl.conf

Uncomment this


Enter the following iptables rules, into the command line

Then save the rules permanently 

Restart the raspberry so that all the changes take affect.

Once restarted navigate to

This is because the WiFi NIC has been given a different IP.


Mysql Creating new database username and password | how to create a mysql database username and password

Quick and small howto, how to create a new MySQL database with an associated username and password with full access to that database.



Offline and offgrid GPS software for Android | gps android maps custom free scanned

I was looking for GPS software which did not rely on the internet. Our reliance on the internet for software to function is increasing every day, with not reasonable explanation for it.

In regards to GPS,I have my own physical paper maps which I want to scan and use with GPS software. I dont want to be reliant on the internet because I dont need to be and when using these maps off road / ocean there is no internet reception.

I reviewed several different software packages on my android phone.

I settled on Custom Maps. Although its 99% internet free, you still calibrate the maps using google maps. After that point, it does not use the internet at all.

Its pretty awesome, you can use scanned maps. During the weekend I went sightseeing, at one of the sites there had a map on the board which I took a photo of. A few minutes later I had the map calibrated and working perfectly.

Using these maps are the best, because they also contain tourist information which GPS software does not.

Blocking All IPs Outside Your Country | iptables linux centos ubuntu blocking coutries

I want to block all traffic that does not originate from my country (Australia)

Best way to do this is using IPTables, Australia alone has around 4500 IP ranges to block.

What I did was download the ranges from Maxmind in CSV format, link

So we need to covert the format of the CSV file to a format IPTABLES can import, I wrote the following script.

Change the country name to match your country,  it will work.

This will produce the whitelist required to block all other IPs, you will also need to append a deny all at the end, so this.