Increasing the buffer size or line count on a SSH Putty session. | linux lines buffer ssh putty

Sometimes when ssh’ing to a Linux machine from you Windows box its much easier to cut and copy content from the session into something like notepad in Windows.

If you attempted this on a standard putty session you will only see around 200 lines, I increased mine to 2000.

Screenshot below explains how.

Raspberry Pi 3 B+ and comparison with model 3B | raspberry pi 3 B+ improvements companison

The new Raspberry Pi 3 B+ has been release. Its the first release in a while.

I just wanted to highlight the major differences between the 3B and 3B+ models.

   3 B  3 B+
 CPU  1.2 GHz  1.4 GHz
 Wired  10/100BASE-T  10/100/1000BASE-T
 Wireless  802.11ac (2.4ghz)  802.11n (2.4ghz and 5ghz)
 Bluetooth  4.1  4.2


Raspberry Pi 3 not detecting camera | raspberry pi camera not working wrong port

I spent a few hours trying to get my camera working with my raspberry pi 3, the errors I was receiving are illustrated below.

I was silly enough to have connected it to the wrong port, but it seems to be a common issue as there are two connectors that are a similar size.

I have attached an image which show which port the camera should be connected to.

Above are the error and below is an image of a raspberry pi which shows all the connectors locations.

Raspberry Pi Postfix Courier-imap error | imapd: username: Account’s mailbox directory is not owned by the correct uid or gid

Im running postfix with courier-imap on a raspberry pi, got the following error, this is the fix.

Edit the imapd config file with the following command

Ensure the following is set to 0, its set to 1 be default.