Apple Macbook Pro 13″ 2010 with broken trackpad | apple macbook pro 13″ 2010 battery expanding trackpad broken not working

My Apple Macbook Pro 13″ (2010) spends 90% of its life as a desktop, its connected to my keyboard mouse and monitor and does not see much travel.

wp-1477273918456.jpgLast month I was going on a holiday, on the morning of my flight I disconnect my laptop and prepared it for my holiday. I thought I would test everything and ensured it all worked before taking it with me.

The laptops appeared to be operating fine, but the mouse (Trackpad) was not working. It appears to be raised a little higher than normal. Considering I could not use it on my holiday it stayed behind.

wp-1477273935277.jpgInstantly I thought, oh well! Iv had 6 good years it might be time for an upgrade! While on holidays my mind was working in the background…. I suspected the battery might have extended and was pushing the trackpad upwards…

After seeing the prices of the new MacBooks I thought lets give the old beast some more life! 

When I opened it up I was correct, the battery was ready to explode!

See photos!




My plan is to replace the battery with a new original batter and install a SSD, ill post the procedure when all the parts arrive.


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