Building a Jabber server on a Raspberry Pi 1 | how to setup a jabber server on a raspberry pi with dnsmasq

I want to setup a chat client on my Raspberry Pi 1, to do this you must first setup Hostapd and DNSMasq article here.

Let start.

Edit the configuration file.

Make sure the “Access Control Lists” section looks like this.

Now register the admin account and password, also create an account for yourself to log in.

Then restart the service.

Now for Jabber to work we must use fully qualified domain names, thats where DNSMasq comes into the picture.

Lets as the domain name into DNSMasq by create a configuration file in the following location.

Add the following.

And restart DNSMasq.

Now you can test your connection with your Jabber client with the username you created earlier. Now you can also connect to the web admin console to administer the server and create addition accounts. Point your browser to.


Your Done.

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