Building a WiFi enabled IOTs refrigerator temperature monitor with a Raspberry Pi | raspberry pi refrigerator temperature monitor via wifi internet of things

Refrigerator monitoring is a big thing, especially for commercial reasons. So i thought this is perfect raspberry pi territory.

A $50 raspberry pi, a $3 USB extension cable and a $10 USB temp monitor is all it takes. Commercial products that perform the same task cost $500+

So lets start off by updating the OS and installing all the applications we’ll need.

Lets check that the USB temp sensor is connected and online.

Lets download the source for the temp sensor.

The is how you get a reading.

I wrote a script which just grabs the Celsius reading and logs it in a log file, I have this running every minute. This is just for testing purposes, ultimately we’ll get Nagios to monitor the reading and alert based on their outcome.



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