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Product Review.

Oneplus 3

From the company with the simplest naming convention, Oneplus. The model is Three and released in 2016, as usual it was released as a flagship killer!

Admittedly I bought the Oneplus 3 because I dropped and broke my Oneplus 2. Actually at this point I’m pleased with the outcome as the Oneplus 3 has turned out to be a great phone.

I don’t want to write a ten thousand word post on the phone, ill mention key points.

First point is the comment about the “Flagship Killer”, its not. I have read many reviews comparing it to the new Samsung s7 , its like comparing a Ferrari with a BMW. Both are sports cars but completely different.

Screen, awesome display. Rich and colorful.

Speed, to date its been like a sports car. Nothing slows it down. All the applications run well, no crashes.

Looks and feels nice, too nice. The new back is very slippery, until I bought a new case for it I feared for its life judging from my track record.

Connectivity it awesome too, I have not had any calls drop out or bad reception. The 4G coverage is good too.

Battery life, not good. But better than the One and Two phones. I’m a pretty heavy user, and usually phones don’t last the day for me…. But the Oneplus Three does.

Camera, really pleased. I actually went to the Tulip Festival over the weekend. Have a look at the phones I took.



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