Solaris automount autofs home area howto | how to setup autofs home areas on solaris.

I spent a few days trying to figure out how to setup automount on Solaris.

Although its very well documented on the Solaris website, its doe not have and end to end document howto. Here it is.

This will not include the NFS server details, I already have a howto for that here.

Lets get started


Create a directory where our new network mountable home area will be located.

Edit the auto_master file

Ensure this line exists.

Edit the auto_home file

ensure the following exists, these are the two users we’ll be testing with.

Create the users on the local system, you can avoid having to do this if you setup LDAP/NIS. For this howto i want to keep it simple, please ensure the users are setup with the same UID as the NFS server, otherwise you will face permission problems.

Lets see if automount is working, if it is you will see the following. If nothing appears, you need to start automount (next step)

Lets start automount with verbose logging for faultfinding.

Your done, enjoy.

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