Solaris Beginner working with boot up and zones | solaris beginners zoneadm startup boot sequence

I needed to work on a Solaris environment recently, something I have not done in a long time. The servers themselves were all in a faulty state in the datacentre, so I thought Id document the process as to what I did to bring them to life again. 

Basically its a little Solaris howto, getting the boot process kicked off and auditing what zones are on the system and booting them too.

Connecting to the lights out management card via ssh reveals the following prompt. The default username and password for the console is root / changeme.

Typing the following give you the console

If the machine has not booted, type the following.

You should now see the machine begin the boot process.

Now you want to SSH directly into the OS. We want to quickly perform an audit to determine what we are dealing with. Lets work out what version of Solaris we are dealing with.

Now lets see what storage is mounted and available space.

Its good to know how long the system has been running and what kind of average load is on the system

Lets figure out the networking of the system

We also need to work out if there are any zone alive on this physical host, using the following command.

One of the zone may be in an off state, you can bring it to life by.

and you can shut down live system with the following.

If you know the IP of the zone, you may SSH directly to it. Alternatively you can bring its console up by using the following.




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