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How to setup hostapd and dnsmasq on a Raspberry Pi 1 | setup wifi access point on a raspberry pi 1 with hostapd and dnsmasq

I decided to setup Hostapd and DNSMasq on my Raspberry Pi 1 as part of a bigger project. This makes an awesome project to setup a router. See below.

This will install the applications.

Lets block DHCPd by editing

Add this line to the bottom.

Lets setup Hostapd

Enable the hostapd.conf config.

Ensure the following live is present.

Paste the following into the configuration file, ensure you change the sections which relate to you. Pay attention to ssid and wpa password.

Lets setup DNSMasq.

Put the following into the config file.

Now we enable IP forwarding on a system level

Uncomment the following line

Setup the IPtables NAT rules

Lets save the IPTables rules permanently.

Lets ensure they run on reboot

and ensure the following is present before the “exit 0”.

Reboot and your done!




Setup wireless on a Raspberry PI | raspberry pi wireless wifi setup access point wpa wpa_supplicant hoot

Setting up wireless on a Raspberry Pi is very easy, although while googling the topic you get a huge range of results. Here are the two steps I took to setup my wireless.

Edit interfaces config file.

Under the wlan0 section, ensure it configured to dhcp

Edit the WPA supplicant file and enter your SSID and WPA password.

Your spa_supplicant file should look like this.