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How to setup Nextcloud 13 in a Docker container | how to setup nextcloud 13 on docker

I have written a script which will setup Nextcloud on a Ubuntu Docker container. Ill run through the entire process.

First we need to download the correct image into docker.

Then we need to start the container with the os.

Now we need to find the unique id of the container

Now on the host, so not the container.  Create the script.

Now paste the following into the script.

Now adjust the permissions to make it executable.

Now lets copy it over to the container

Then jump on the console.

Once your connected in, execute the script, this will install setup everything.

Once complete. Hit your web browser, navigate to https://localhost:10000/nextcloud. Should see the logon page, your credentials are Username: admin Password: password


Using nmap to generate Nagios config.

I need to add hosts quickly to Nagios, I do this by scanning the hosts using nmap and generating a config with the output. ThenĀ IĀ setup a Nagios client on the host and monitor the vitals.

This process takes time, so i wrote a script which will generate the configuration for me using the nmap results. see below.