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How to determine what your DHCP server is on Linux | how to determine your dhcp server ip address

I encountered a problem yesterday where my IP was not changing, I should have gotten a new lease from the DHCP server.

I needed to find which server was giving me my leases, I didn’t know where this information was stored.

Anyway, its here!

It should give you information like this, look around because different flavors of Linux will store the lease in a different location.


Ubuntu 17.4 Server network not working after fresh install | ubuntu 17.4 server network not working

I just build a Ubuntu 17.4 Server on a Supermicro box, could not get network up and running.

Turns out I misconfigure the /etc/network/interfaces by describing the ethernet adapter as eth0. Should look something like this

You can obtain the correct naming by using the following command.