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Raspberry Pi 3 A+ VS 3 B+ | compare the raspberry pi 3 a + to the 3 B +

The new Raspberry Pi 3 A+ was just released, basically its a cut down version of the 3 B+.

Here is a comparison between the two.


  RPi3A+ RPi3B+ Difference
CPU BCM2837B0 1.4GHz BCM2837B0 1.4GHz Same
Memory 512MB 1GB -512MB
Network Wifi, Bluetooth Ethernet, Wifi, Bluetooth -Ethernet
Size 65mm x 56mm 85mm X 56mm -20mm Shorter
USB Ports 4 1 -3


Ubuntu 17.4 Server network not working after fresh install | ubuntu 17.4 server network not working

I just build a Ubuntu 17.4 Server on a Supermicro box, could not get network up and running.

Turns out I misconfigure the /etc/network/interfaces by describing the ethernet adapter as eth0. Should look something like this

You can obtain the correct naming by using the following command.



Network scanning using Netcat

I started a windows vm on my network which I needed RDP access to, I didnt know its IP address. I could have used Nmap but it was not installed so I decided to use Netcat instead.

I have not had a chance to test it but network scanned my entire subnet in 2.5 minutes.

So the above command with scan each IPĀ in the submit and probe port 3389 (RDP) to see if its open, if it is it will display the IP.