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Failed to unzip Raspberry Pi Zero image on OSX | failed to unzip raspberry pi zero zip on osx

I downloaded the latest image for my Raspberry Pi Zero and it started causing problems when trying to unzip it, its happened to me before but I thought Id make a post about it to avoid other search the net for hours before finding a solution.

I downloaded the following image.

When I tried to unzip it, it was renamed to this

Then I tried to double click on that and it was renamed to this.

So I realized I was going nowhere. The fix for this problem is listed below, fire up the terminal and execute the following command.



Done, enjoy.

How to create a USB Ubuntu live image on OSX | making a bootable Ubuntu USB drive using OSX

How to create a USB bootable Ubuntu ISO on a OSX machine
Download your ISO image from the ubuntu site and save it in your downloads directory.
First we convert the image with the command below.

Then we must first determine the device path of the USB disk
Take note of the path and ever it in the command below

Then we use DD to image the USB disk, command below. Ensure you change the device path.


Flashing an SD card for a Raspberry PI on OSX

This how to shows how to flash an OS image onto an SD card to use on a Raspberry PI, using a Mac (OSX)

First shows you the mount point

Second unmounts the storage

Third disk dumps it onto the SD card