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RHEL and Fedora setting password expiry | bash linux password expire chage

A very common Linux administration task is to set user account to expire their password and request a new account password from the user.

To see what the current policy is set to, execute the following.

You should see output like.

You can change the password expiry with the following command


Raspberry Pi – Xbian 1.0 – Kodi 17.0 Default username and password | default username and password for kodi 17.0 xbian 1.0

Been looking this is solution for ages! Finally got it!

Usually the default username and password for Xbian is

username: pi

password: raspberry

But in this scenario its different.



Mysql Creating new database username and password | how to create a mysql database username and password

Quick and small howto, how to create a new MySQL database with an associated username and password with full access to that database.