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Review of a 50000mha solar USB Powerbank | testing a solar panel usb powerbank

I have developed an unnatural obsession with powerbanks, I have a large number of them for different purposes.

I decided to start reviewing them to give people information before making a purchase, often these cheap devices are sold with a number of features which may or may not be useful of even work at all.

So ill start off by listing the locations where you can purchase them, and the costs.

So for this experiment ran two tests, one with the unit on its own and another with an external USB Solar panel attached to assist in the charging.

Here are the links and costs to the products.

  • Powerbank 50000mha dual usb with LED – $24.99
  • Solar Panel 6volt 3.5watt – $7.38

01. The first test was conducted in the following way. I put the powerbank in the sun during an overcast day for six hours facing North (10am-4pm). Then I connected it to my phone can checked to see how much charge was given.

Results: 12%

Conclusion. The charge isn’t that much, but its enough to get you out of a sticky situation.

02. The second test was conducted in the same way as test one, but also installing the Solar panel listed above.

Result: 40%

Conclusion: I’m impressed, 40% is decent charge levels for 6hours in the sun.

Overall Conclusion:

Im pleased with this product. I have tested it in the rain, I can confirm its was resistant. Its a tough product, it needs to be if its going to survive in my world.

Oneplus 3 | Oneplus 3 Mobile Phone flagship killer


Product Review.

Oneplus 3

From the company with the simplest naming convention, Oneplus. The model is Three and released in 2016, as usual it was released as a flagship killer!

Admittedly I bought the Oneplus 3 because I dropped and broke my Oneplus 2. Actually at this point I’m pleased with the outcome as the Oneplus 3 has turned out to be a great phone.

I don’t want to write a ten thousand word post on the phone, ill mention key points.

First point is the comment about the “Flagship Killer”, its not. I have read many reviews comparing it to the new Samsung s7 , its like comparing a Ferrari with a BMW. Both are sports cars but completely different.

Screen, awesome display. Rich and colorful.

Speed, to date its been like a sports car. Nothing slows it down. All the applications run well, no crashes.

Looks and feels nice, too nice. The new back is very slippery, until I bought a new case for it I feared for its life judging from my track record.

Connectivity it awesome too, I have not had any calls drop out or bad reception. The 4G coverage is good too.

Battery life, not good. But better than the One and Two phones. I’m a pretty heavy user, and usually phones don’t last the day for me…. But the Oneplus Three does.

Camera, really pleased. I actually went to the Tulip Festival over the weekend. Have a look at the phones I took.