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Resetting your Git email address. | (pre-receive hook declined) repair error

If your getting errors like,

When attempting to push changes to your Git repo, its probably because your email address is not authenticating with Git.

To reset follow the following steps,

To check its correct

If it still failing on that repo, you’ll need to reset.


Solaris Error: ERROR: The following devices are disabled: MB/PCIE-IO/USB

I inherited a Solaris server farm which was almost entirely broken. This was a constant problem when trying to stand up the environment. These are the command required for the repair.

This was the error displayed on console while trying to boot.

First we must SSH to the console IP. The default console username and password is as follows.

Username: root

Password: changeme

Once connected, the console prompt should look like this

Once confirmed, lets set to enabled.

And restart the system.