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Review of the Dremel 3D Printer 3D20 | Dremel 3D printer 3D20 review

I have owned the printer for several months now and thought it would be a good idea to do a review.

I was completely new to the 3D printing world, I had no idea how any of this technology worked so I think it will be a useful review to help new buyers.

The units purchase price was around $1300 AUD, which I think is quite high, then again I dont have a comparison to understand what your getting for your money.

From the reviews I have read it appears to be good value for money, especially considering that most cheaper units are DIY.

When you receive the unit it come packaged in a very secure cardboard box, easy to remove. Preparing the unit is pretty easy, remove all the stick tape which keeps it secure while in transit. 

Assembly is straight forward, all the piece fit in perfectly. You will be ready to print your first design in around 10 – 15 minutes.

Once everything is ready to go, you will find an SD card with several designs which you can test.

If you want to download your down design you can, I use a site called www.thingiverse.com This site is one of the best / free available. When you decide to download a specific design it comes packaged in a .Zip file. 

Once decompressed you need to load the .stl file from that design into the Dremel software, which is typically stored on the SD card provided.

The Dremel software is pretty awesome as it comes compatible with Windows, Mac OSX and Linux. Once installed you can load the .stl files downloaded online. 

In the software you can all more objects or move them around on the area which they will be printed on. Once your happy with the appearance you software the design on the SD card.

Remove the card from your PC and insert into the printer, you will find you have to storage sources available, local (On the printer) and SD card. Once you select the SD card you will see a list of objects stored, it will give you a preview of the item and its file name.

So my first print was a storm ship trooper from Star Wars, pictured above. The result was awesome, it was fast to print and the detail was amazing.

The second print was not so great. I wanted to print the storm ship trooper body, the download come in two parts (head and body). The print decided to break when it gets above the legs, the design moves while printing and eventually breaks, see image.

I attempted the print several times (x4) the result was the same, in some prints it will fail earlier.

So, taking this information into account I started printing designs which had a better base to work with. I printed an addition two designs from Game of Thrones which allows you to see the amazing detail this printer has, see below.


So once you get the hang of it, its amazing.

After printing the these downloadable designs I wanted to start creating my own designs. I did some research and it quickly become apparent that you need very expensive CAD software.

I came across an open source application called FreeCAD. After installing it I had NO idea how to use it, until I did some youtuding. The Tutorials are quite good online and I quickly built my own designs.

I will create a separate post showing how to do this. 

Overall Im really pleased with this 3D printer, good software from Dremel which is supported by all operating systems. I will do some further research to see if there is a way to prevent the designs from falling over during the printing process.

Oneplus 3 | Oneplus 3 Mobile Phone flagship killer


Product Review.

Oneplus 3

From the company with the simplest naming convention, Oneplus. The model is Three and released in 2016, as usual it was released as a flagship killer!

Admittedly I bought the Oneplus 3 because I dropped and broke my Oneplus 2. Actually at this point I’m pleased with the outcome as the Oneplus 3 has turned out to be a great phone.

I don’t want to write a ten thousand word post on the phone, ill mention key points.

First point is the comment about the “Flagship Killer”, its not. I have read many reviews comparing it to the new Samsung s7 , its like comparing a Ferrari with a BMW. Both are sports cars but completely different.

Screen, awesome display. Rich and colorful.

Speed, to date its been like a sports car. Nothing slows it down. All the applications run well, no crashes.

Looks and feels nice, too nice. The new back is very slippery, until I bought a new case for it I feared for its life judging from my track record.

Connectivity it awesome too, I have not had any calls drop out or bad reception. The 4G coverage is good too.

Battery life, not good. But better than the One and Two phones. I’m a pretty heavy user, and usually phones don’t last the day for me…. But the Oneplus Three does.

Camera, really pleased. I actually went to the Tulip Festival over the weekend. Have a look at the phones I took.