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Get an email when your public IP changes | get notified when your public ip changes.

Alot of us have ISPs which change your IP address and you may not want to setup a client with a dynamic IP or want a backup in case the services fails.

So i developed a bash script which checks to see if your public IP has changed. If it has it will log it and email you the new IP.

See below.



How to take offline copy of websites with wget | wget extensions scraping way back machine linux curl


When your going away on leave and need to get copies of you favourite websites use wget! Its available on all linux distros.

You can also build a web archive line way back machine which saves websites at a moment of time.

You need to be a little sneaky with the command you use as most larger websites these days will detect you trying to copy them and try to stop you. You will need to include extensions with your command to fool the site you are a real user.

Here is a command that works for me.