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Central Rsyslog server with TLS encrytion. | rsyslog log central splunk

Certificate setup.

Server Certificate.

Create the following directory

Install the following package to enable encryption on rsyslog.

Execute the following command which create the certificates.

Client Certificate.


Copy the following three certificates to the client machine to the following location /etc/ssl/rsyslog/.



Server Setup.

Create the following configuration file.

Restart the server.

This will allow the changes to take effect.

Running netstat will show you that its listen on encrypted and un-encrypted ports for logging traffic.

Client Setup.

Replace the SERVER with the IP address of your rsyslog server.

Restart rsyslog on the client so that changes can take effect.

Now to test the logs are transmitted execute.

To verify that the logs are received on the encrypted port, connect to the server and run the following.

This will listen for traffic on the encrypted port. Successful results should look like this.


Finding deleted text on a Linux system using Grep | finding deleted text files using grep

I ran across a neat little trick when attempted to recover a deleted file on my Linux box.

You can use grep to search your disk at a bit level for a deleted file, on the condition you know a string in its contents.

You can test it like this, write a text file and store a specific string in it. ie

then insert something like

then delete the file.

Now lets find the deleted file.

Your missing file should appear with a bit of junk above and below the contents of your file.

Increase the lines in the -B10 -A10 depending how big your file it.



Building a ubuntu mining rig with 6 x GTX 1060 6GB GPUs | Set up a eth mining rig

Iv been getting involved in the Bitcoin craze lately. I invested a little cash just to learn how the system works.

So… I thought Id roll the dice with a Bitcoin mining rig. My budget was around $3000, which I got close to.

Here is a detailed log of how I achieved this and what results I received.

Build materials and links.

Total: 3229.48

When clicking on the above links, please keep in mind that all things mining will change in price because of demand. Especially GPUs.

Also, I could have cut costs on things like CPU, Hardisk and power supply but I was rushing to build the rig and didn’t care too much in the end.

In the space of a month the GPUs that I purchased went up by around $50 each, the demand was crazy when the price of bitcoin went up. They remain higher at the moment even though bitcoin has halved in value.

Also another problem was that most good/cheap mining boards use the LGA1150 CPU socket which is no longer available from stores, I had to purchase this CPU second hand.

I had to wait several weeks before all the parts come in, some were delayed and some dodgy ebay stores didnt send them at all.

Putting the rig together was alot of fun, i have not messed around with hardware in a very long time.

Once all the parts came together I fired her up…. PROBLEMO!!!

The power supply was dead, it would start for a few seconds and them die. I purchased another with arrived 3 days later.

Once the new power supply arrived I started the Ubuntu installation. A few were problematic. I settled of Ubuntu 16.04 because it was stable and a lot of other miners were using this version.

Once the base OS was installed and running, we need to setup the NVIDIA drivers. I installed a number of different versions and found the latest version gives the best results as of this time. Version and location below.

Installation instructions for these GPUs.

This concludes the GPU drivers installation.

Now lets install the mining software.

Now lets start the mining!



BOOM Your Mining!



Useful Links Below.

Overclocking multiple Nvidia graphics card on Linux

Raspberry Pi 3 B+ and comparison with model 3B | raspberry pi 3 B+ improvements companison

The new Raspberry Pi 3 B+ has been release. Its the first release in a while.

I just wanted to highlight the major differences between the 3B and 3B+ models.

   3 B  3 B+
 CPU  1.2 GHz  1.4 GHz
 Wired  10/100BASE-T  10/100/1000BASE-T
 Wireless  802.11ac (2.4ghz)  802.11n (2.4ghz and 5ghz)
 Bluetooth  4.1  4.2


Raspberry Pi 3 not detecting camera | raspberry pi camera not working wrong port

I spent a few hours trying to get my camera working with my raspberry pi 3, the errors I was receiving are illustrated below.

I was silly enough to have connected it to the wrong port, but it seems to be a common issue as there are two connectors that are a similar size.

I have attached an image which show which port the camera should be connected to.

Above are the error and below is an image of a raspberry pi which shows all the connectors locations.

New cryptocurrency is bound to Skyrocket – TRON | jack ma, justin sun, tron, cryptocurrency, bitcoin, bitcoin rick

I have been investigating cryptocurrencies and alt coins, after looking at a large number of them one stood out… Tron.

I’m not an expert by any means but after doing some investigation into it, it looks really promising.

Tron’s creator is a man named Justin Sun (@justinsuntron), he is a very successful Chinese entrepreneur.

Tron to date has made some very big moves in China, the team has some very successful individuals working with them who own or influence huge markets in China.

One piece of information is making me particularly attracted to this coin, Jack Ma.

Mr Ma is the founder of Alibaba which is an international powerhouse coming from China, the link?

Well Jack Ma has hand picked Justin to study at a University he is the chairman of and was awarded prizes for his study’s.

Also Tron’s offices have been moved a stones through from Alibabas offices in China.

A possible relationship with Alibaba would see the price of Tron skyrocketing.

Please do your own research, could end up being a bomb. It could also end up making you bitcoin rich!

The particulars have been left out of this article intentionally, Im not an a financial expert and I want you to do your own research so that you can make educated decisions.  I just wanted to bring your attention to it.

Here are some useful links to start your research.