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IBM Lenovo T400 – Wont turn on! | lenovo t400 broken wont turn on bricked

I had a Lenovo T400 which didn’t boot, didn’t start at all. Wouldn’t even get to the BIOS screen.

During my research I found numerous articles with fixes.

In this particular situation it was the BIOS Battery which fixed it, apparently if the laptop is drained completely of power and left for a while the system refuses to start up again.

So you need to remove the screws from the back which hold the wrist rest and remove it. You will see the bios battery either next to the trackpad of under the keyboard.

Remove the battery for 30 seconds and put everything together again.

Microsoft Outlook 2016 Constantly Synchronizing | office 2016 constantly syncing error hanging

I have a Lenovo Windows 10 Desktop highly spec’d and running Microsoft Office 2016 with Outlook connecting to Gmail, but sitting there hanging on synchronizing forever. During this time no new emails come in or sent out. 

A major problem was the user has a 120gb Mailbox which complicated the solution.

I spent around 8 hours yesterday reinstalling Office, Virus scanner, patching etc. Nothing worked,

File -> Options -> Advanced -> Send and Receive -> Send/Receive -.> Edit

Then un-tick “Get Folder Unread Count from Subscribed Folders”

See Below.